My first electronic hardware: a remote pc-switch for Home Assistant

A friend recently asked me, if I know a smart home switch that runs 5V and it is pretty small. His use case was to turn on/off his HTPC in the living room. This was accomplished via infrared and a Logitech Harmony which he wants to retire.

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Since you already running Home Assistant, I would monitor pc state with ping.

Create a template switch where Esphome switches the PC on and HA monitors the state via ping.

Secondly I would also wire in the existing PC power switch to the Wemos. It can then trigger esphome to switch the pc on. (Don’t know if you doing this already…)


Fully agree. I definitely do not want to remove basic functionality. It is just a prototype for the sake of testing if this works :slight_smile:

Since I shared this on Reddit some people did comment there and I want you to find the comments/discussion there as well: