Odroid HC4 - The Perfect Backup NAS with MINIO S3 and restic

I got myself an Odroid HC4 as an affordable backup device. It is a pretty nifty device and a reason to play šŸ‘¾ with ARMBIAN, MINIO, and restic. So here we go!

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Iā€™m using borg for my backups. The backups are either written to a USB hard drive or a Hetzner storage box over ssh.

Why do you choose minio instead of writing the backup via ssh?

I did not want to use Borg since the Backup can break on two sides: server and client.
Just had that topic recently with a friend.
Borg updated on the server and the update did not run for a looking time :sweat_smile:

Regarding SSH or S3:
Minio is a super simple service and I want to have another box with minio. That minio will automatically replicate the data from the first one.
Tedious with SSH or sftp.

Would you please mind sharing a few words about compression, encryption and deduplication of this combo: restic + minio?

So far I have figured out that restic takes care of encryption.
minio buckets seem to have encryption disabled by default and that is fine since restic already encrypts.

Compression seems to be disabled by default too, is this something that restic also does? Should one enable it in minio?

Any advice?